Over 75,000 Windows Phone apps published in 2012; Instagram still not among them

I am a huge fan of Windows Phone and have most all the apps I need on this platform, but there are still some key apps missing and frustrating experiences that keep an iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note II in my mobile collection.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Over 75,000 Windows Phone apps published in 2012; Instagram still not among them

I attended the Windows Phone 8 launch event in late October and when Joe Belfiore revealed that there were 46 of the top 50 apps on other platforms with one more new app coming I swore it was going to be Instagram. That additional app was Pandora and it was revealed it is coming in early 2013. Over on the Windows Phone Developer Blog Microsoft revealed that more than 75,000 apps were certified and published in 2012. It's not just about the number of apps though and to have key apps like Instagram still not available on Windows Phone is disappointing.

I personally don't use Instagram that often, but understand from heavy users that it is much more about the social experience than the degraded photo experience. It doesn't really matter what you or I personally think about Instagram, it is an extremely popular service and needs to be on Windows Phone. I am also now using an UP band and a Fitbit One, but apps for these devices are on iOS and Android with no Windows Phone support. Windows Phone is getting many apps found on other platforms, but almost always after they are launched on other platforms so if you want the latest and greatest apps then Windows Phone is still not the answer. I am still shocked that Microsoft killed support for videos in Windows Phone 8 and am finding my Note II with Google Play videos and the AllShare Cast Wireless Hub to be an valuable option for media.

It is great to see a growing application catalog for Windows Phone and I still do enjoy the Metro experience on WP8 devices. However, there is still a gap in apps and I hope 2013 sees that narrowing as Microsoft continues to work with developers, manufacturers, and carriers.

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