Ownnit lets you sell your skills and knowledge through 1-to-1 video calls

A new platform has recently launched where you can sell your specialities and knowledge through 1-to-1 video calls directly to your audience.
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Troronto, ON-based video service platform Ownnit could be an easy way to sell your knowledge and skills directly to the people who want to hear from you.

You can share your knowledge through Q&As and consulting calls, or you can offer a specific service (I.e. resume review, makeup tips, etc.). You book your service through 1-to-1 video calls which are managed through the platform.

Specialists -- also known as 'Owners' -- can set their own prices when they describe their service offerings in their profiles.

When an owner is booked, they can accept, decline, or reschedule the booking to a time to suit themselves. They then receive a link with the video call details so they can talk to their customers.


The platform launched at the end of January 2021 and already has well over 300 owners registered on the platform. Ownnit says that Owner registration has been growing at about 22% week-over-week.

It says that there is a large fluctuation in the number of bookings each week, but over the last two weeks over $5,000 has been paid out to Owners on the platform. There is no cost to join the platform -- or to create an owner account.

There are three ways to find a specialist on Ownnit: via the search function where you can search for keywords such as acting, or marketing and see the list of Owners who have those skills. There is also a list of recent sign-ups on the homepage to help them get an exposure boost.

A third way is to advertise directly through the specialist. Ownnit encourages its owners to share a link to their page on social media advertising their services and sharing their Ownnit profiles

Ownnit estimates that roughly half of its Owners use the platform to offer consulting calls or some other service directly to their audience.

It adds that some of those Owners are also interested in being discovered through the platform, but many already have an audience and simply use Ownnit as an easy booking tool.

The company hopes to increase the level of engagement from its users – and there does seem to be a fair few influencers already on the platform which will bring fans in.

If you would like to book actors such as Nicholas Brendon or James C. Burns, NFL players like David Tyree, Terrell Owens or Shane Smith, songwriters like Andre Merritt, or a range of other specialists in their industry, all you need to do is click the book appointment button, select the service, date and time, and pay the requested fee.

Only one-to-one video calls are permitted by the platform -- even if you share the link with others.

The payment is taken when the Owner is booked, and owners are paid by Stripe once per week.

Owners receive 95% of their requested fee. Ownnit takes 2% of the fee and 3% is the Stripe fee. If an owner does not have a Stripe account, Ownnit holds on to your money until your Stripe account has been created.

It seems easy enough to create a profile and add yourself to the platform. Customise the times you are prepared to be contacted, and set your price and length of call. You can search for specific skills, or named owners to book.

You can advertise your own link across any social media platform you choose, and you can sit back and wait for the cash to arrive.

This could be a great platform for celebrities who want to sell their conversations and have calls with their fans.

Coaching businesses can take advantage of an easy booking platform and a quick way for their business to reach new customers. Payment is guaranteed so there is no concern about getting the money before the call.

For freelancers, or someone who wants to earn some cash for the knowledge they already possess, Ownnit could be the platform that gets you a little more cash in the bank. And if you really want to chat with a celebrity, then they are only a click or two away.

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