Pace modem maker in receivership - tech support ceases

Consumers are reporting the disappearance of technical support from PMC Electronics, manufacturers of the Pace modem. The British-based company went into receivership on Friday.

One angry customer contacted ZDNet UK today after all efforts to obtain technical support for a faulty PC card were met with a recorded message.

The fact that PMC Electronics products remain on shop shelves even though there has been no official announcement of the company's disintegration means that some consumers may purchase equipment without being aware of the lack of customer support available.

All calls to PMC Electronics, including those for technical support, are currently being diverted to a recorded message announcing the collapse of PMC and recommending that all technical issues be taken-up with a local PC distributor. The company in charge of the receivership, KPMG, has a statutary requirement to advertise the fact that PMC Electronics has folded. However, one of the receivers, Murray Stuart, says that no advertisements will go ahead until later this week.

The collapse of PMC Electronics has meant redundancy for 45 people at the company's offices in Shipley, West Yorkshire.

This also marks another nail in the coffin of the already decimated British modem manufacturing industry.