Pacnet centers call operations in M'sia

Internet communications provider, Pacnet, chooses Malaysia as its base for its new all-IP customer center facility, which will handle the bulk of its global call workload.
Written by Victoria Ho, Contributor

Pacnet has opened its fourth Asian customer service center. The facility in Malaysia is also where the company plans to centralize its global customer service.

The Internet communications provider said Wednesday the 150-seat facility in Kuala Lumpur, which joins its other Asian bases in Thailand, India and China, would serve the majority of call workload globally.

A new IP-based customer service platform in use at the facility, gives customer service staff the ability to serve customers through a set of tools including voice, file-sharing and video instant messaging tools.

This new platform will also be rolled out in the other regional call centers. Pacnet said a common platform will allow central control over its customer services centers, with all the locations managed as one "virtual" call center.

Meanwhile, Pacnet has applied for a Network Services Provider license in Malaysia. It hopes its ownership of the EAC-C2C undersea cable network will help raise its profile as a regional business connectivity provider.

Pacnet was formed a year ago by the merger of Asia Netcom and Pacific Internet.

In a survey, call centers in the Asia-Pacific region were found to be leading the way in IP adoption, due to many vendors choosing to reroute calls globally to centers in the region.

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