Pakistan gets US$424m in software development contracts

Pakistan's private sectorrecently received software development contracts totalling Rs26billion (US$424.8 million), the minister for science andtechnology, Professor Attaur-Rahman said.

ISLAMABAD (Asia Pulse)--Pakistan's private sector recently received software development contracts totalling Rs26 billion (US$424.8 million).

The government is also making a concerted effort to improve computer literacy throughout the country, said Minister for Science and Technology Attaur-Rahman.

By August or September, the government will be purchasing 6,000 second-hand Pentium II computers, he said.

Comparing Internet facilities with India, the minister said: "Pakistan's infrastructure is better than our neighbour's. Internet use within Pakistan has been far higher than in India during the last six to eight months."

He added that at present, Internet access in Pakistan was far cheaper than in India.