Palm Treo 700wx for Sprint now available

The Sprint model Windows Mobile Treo adds much more Program memory and has an amazingly low EVDO wireless data plan to boot. Treo fans should be lining up this weekend at their local Sprint store.

I posted a blog entry about the Sprint Treo 700wx rumor back on August 11th and now you can order your Treo 700wx from Palm or your local Sprint store. The lowest price is US$499 with a 2-year contract and new service contract with existing Sprint customers paying up to US$649 for the device. The device has the same specifications as the Treo 700w on the Verizon Wireless network, with the addition of more RAM. On the Treo 700w the user had about 11MB of Program memory to run appplications and on the Treo 700wx the user gets about 44MB, which should make a HUGE difference in the number of applications that can be used at one time. Check out the CNET review for more hands-on details and thoughts on the device. The reviewer likes the additional memory, but thinks it still lacks some features to make it better. Mobile Tech Review also has a very detailed review of the Treo 700wx and gives it 4 and a half out of 5 stars. If you are a Treo fan and want to run Windows Mobile then the Sprint model is the way to go with their unlimited EVDO plan only costing you US$15 a month in addition to your voice plan.


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