Partnership puts ordering on the menu

A new deal between SinglePlatform and GrubHub makes it easier for small restaurants to be 'found' by diners seeking to order directly from Web or mobile menus.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor on

When was the last time someone shoved a takeout menu under your car's windshield wiper or under the door of your office suite? Many of us now search and research this information via the Web or our mobile devices. Just last week, I used a Thai restaurant's site to research an order, but then I had to call it in.

My situation illustrates that while many local restaurants are becoming far more savvy about putting menu information somewhere where it can be found through these searches, it's still not as easy as it should be to complete that takeout order. That's the problem being addressed by a new partnership between SinglePlatform, a local business listing service that is part of Constant Contact, and GrubHub, a leading platform for online and mobile food ordering.

The two companies are now moving to integrate their offerings. That means restaurants and food businesses that use SinglePlatform are now more liable to show up in online searches. The GrubHub ordering features will be connected into menu information provided there.

"Our research shows that 75 percent of consumers choose a restaurant based on search results," said Wiley Cerilli, vice president and general manager of SinglePlatform. "This partnership with GrubHub makes sure that our customers are part of those search results — and even better, it also enables actual orders, putting real dollars in our customers' pockets."

GrubHub is used by more than 1.6 million customers in 500 cities around the United States. It currently features about 20,000 online order restaurants, and it lists approximately 250,000 menus on AllMenus.com.

SinglePlatform estimates that its publishing partners reach approximately 200 million consumers per month, making it a powerful small-business listing site.


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