PC faxing still going strong

The PC fax market remains buoyant despite the ubiquity of e-mail, according to its biggest name.

Craig Randall, VP of marketing for Omtool, the best-selling vendor of NT fax server software, said the market counties to grow. "The funny thing is the volume of fax pages continues to go up and seems to be closely tied to volume of e-mail," Randall said. "When people send e-mails they often send faxes too. End-users are demanding the ability to send faxes from their desktops. E-mail is actually fuelling the fax server market. With new technologies for communicating you see more of everything but the growth curve moves on."

Randall said fax still retains some advantages over e-mail such as guaranteed delivery, reliable notification, unalterable documents and widespread access to fax machines.

Omtool will shortly release version 2.0 of its flagship Fax Sr. product for Windows NT.