PCs preloaded with completely free Net access

Completely free Internet access guaranteed... Once you've paid between £700 and £1199 for a PC

The scramble towards totally free Internet access continues apace this week as PC manufacturer Evesham Micros announces it is to preload CallNet's 0800 service on selected computers.

CallNet set up its free Internet service in November and has been overwhelmed by the response. The company currently has over 100,000 subscribers, with plenty more waiting, and claims it is "eating up the backlog at a rate of knots".

One of the advantages of the preload service will be to guarantee connection. "There have been some issues on connection to CallNet," said Evesham's operations director Luke Ireland. "This service guarantees connection and we believe CallNet is more than capable of dealing with it." He believes the service will prove popular, predicting the PC manufacturer will sell between 2,000 and 3,000 free Internet-enabled PCs every month.

A spokesman for CallNet unsurprisingly agrees and claims it is the "first of many [similar] deals", some with higher profile PC manufacturers than Evesham.

Richard Austin, managing director of Evesham Micros believes he is no longer dealing with the simple sale of computers. "Totally free Internet access is what the UK computer user has been hoping for, we are making those dreams come true," he said.

PCs in Evesham's Vale Scorcher and Athlon ranges are available for purchase immediately through Evesham's Website and retail outlets. Prices range from £700 to £1199.

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