Penguin Computing to open European operations

US desktop Linux manufacturer Penguin Computing, is to move its business into the European personal computing market within the year
Written by Will Knight, Contributor on

Director of corporate communications for Penguin Computing, Julien Vaughan told ZDNet Wednesday that Penguin will soon be vying with other manufacturers for the desktop sector in UK as well as other European countries.

Vaughan believes that Penguin Computing will establish itself as a formidable force in Europe. "As Linux goes in and becomes more recognised [within Europe,]" she says, "we're going to go in and take a huge chunk of the market."

Vaughan revealed that Penguin Computing is involved in opening offices in a number of European companies including the United Kingdom, but says that headquarters are likely to be established in France or Germany.

San Francisco based Penguin computing was founded in 1998 by Samuel Ockman, a prominent member of the open source community and co-author of the O'Reilly book Open Source: Voices from the Open Source Revolution.

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