People prefer mobile devices over PCs for media consumption

Tablet popularity continues to grow and one sector where tablets beat out PCs is in media consumption.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
People prefer mobile devices over PCs for media consumption
Image: ForeSee.com

The analysts at ForeSee.com conducted a survey with results that showed tablets and smartphones scoring a 77, on their 100 point scale, with PCs down ten points at 67. Smartphones were used 65 percent of the time with tablets taking up the other 35 percent. People are finding mobile devices to be the more compelling experience for media and entertainment purposes.

Apple's iTunes scored the highest in content sources with Netflix and HBO Go in 2nd. HBO Go still requires a cable TV and HBO subscription, which I know prevents me from using it and likely impacts the number of users. Amazon is in fourth place and I think one reason is that it isn't available on all Android devices, only Kindles. Amazon Instant is available on the iPad and without this support would likely be rated even lower.

I use my iPad for a lot of video content from Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, and direct network access like ABC. I can understand why Crackle is rated one of the lowest since I consistently see errors and connection failures with that service. Hulu Plus is rated down with Crackle as well.

It was interesting to read the full report and see that a majority of people accessed content from their devices on their home WiFi connection. You would think people would stick with their larger TVs for media content, but maybe they are using mobile at the same time as their TV. Only nine percent used their wireless carrier network to access media.

Survey participants also reported that 65 percent use their smartphone for mobile media while only 35 percent used a tablet. Readers know I am more of a smartphone guy than a tablet guy and my experiences reflect the findings in this report.

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