Peribit upgrades network optimisation range

Brief:A new network appliance and updated network management software try to help IT staff keep on top of their WANs

Peribit has launched new hardware and software that it says will speed up connectivity across wide area networks (WANs).

The company is targeting businesses and organisations that are spread over a number of different physical sites.

Peribit's SM-500 networking appliance, which it calls a sequence mirror, is designed to cut down on the amount of data that needs to be sent across a WAN. It studies network traffic, looking for examples of data that are repeated identically within the traffic and can therefore be dropped, compressing the overall transmission.

The SM-500 can store up to 500GB of data within its cache, letting it recognise repeated patterns across a wide spread of traffic.

A second piece of hardware, the SR-100, will compress a connection speed of up to 155 megabits per second between two data centres.

Peribit has also upgraded its network optimisation operating system, called SRS. The latest version can monitor multiple WAN connections and let policies be applied determining which connection method a particular application should use. This could allow an IT manager of a company with two remote sites linked by a leased line to set that a certain application should use the leased line unless its performance became too poor, at which point the application should shift to the public Internet.