Philips receives 85 design awards, defines its winning style

In 2011, Royal Philips Electronics broke its record for the number of design awards it received in a year. Looking at the company's winners, the corporation's savvy design strategies are clear.
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In 2011, the Philips Design division of Royal Philips Electronics received 85 design awards, a record for the company. They include some of the world's most prestigious design recognitions, such as iF and Red Dot product design honors.

Looking at some of the winners assembled in a recently released video from Philips, below--from a sleek, pendant-style assistance alarm for the elderly, to energy efficient yet stylish lights and TVs, to hip-looking high-performance headphones and speaker systems, it's easy to see a distinctive and alluring approach to product design.

The Philips style seems to be characterized by elegant rounded corners; smooth organic shapes that recall stones, nuts, or rain drops; and basic colors. Beyond the preferred colors of black, white and silver, Philips designers also appear to use a signature blood red that is a welcome and warm alternative to most neutrals.

Here's the video from Philips, showcasing their prize-winning products of 2011:

As Bloomberg reported earlier this month, Philips faces a "global spending-reduction drive," including job cuts at its Dutch lighting division. But in the light of the many design awards Philips has received this year, it will be intriguing to see how the company will continue to invest in design--a strategy that seems to be paying off in terms of global critical praise, usability, and a strong brand identity.

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