Pivotal rolls out enterprise distro of Cloud Foundry

Pivotal's move is to package up Cloud Foundry and its ecosystem in one distribution for use inside an enterprise.

Pivotal, the big data subsidiary of EMC, on Tuesday launched an enterprise distribution of its Cloud Foundry platform as a service that's designed to provide the software needed to run to private cloud and connect to various services.

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Since Pivotal was spun out of EMC much of the focus has been on big data applications and its Pivotal HD distribution. Cloud Foundry has done well, but hasn't received much of the spotlight in the Pivotal division.

James Watters, head of product, marketing, and ecosystem for Pivotal Cloud Foundry, said the aim of the enterprise distribution is to be able to "deliver the cloud as software." Watters argues that many private cloud deployments die beyond virtual machines because enterprises can't use the software behind the firewall. "Clouds are the new hardware," said Watters.

Pivotal's move is to package up Cloud Foundry and its ecosystem in one distribution for use inside an enterprise.

Among the key moves from Pivotal:

  • The company launched Pivotal One, an open source enterprise platform as a service, will connect to various public clouds such as AWS and OpenStack deployments.
pivotal one slide


  • Pivotal CF was also made available. CF is an enterprise distribution of Cloud Foundry designed to run in private clouds. CF comes with an operations manager, integration with Pivotal One services such as the company's Hadoop distribution.
pivotal cf slide


  • The company added Pivotal One Services, an effort to assign Hadoop services quickly.

Watters said Pivotal is aiming for the enterprise market that's realizing that software is the biggest differentiator in any industry. In other words, every company is a software company and enterprises need more development speed and agility for projects that revolve around social and mobile, app modernization and business transformation.