Pizzeria owner IDs attackers on Facebook

A pizzeria owner who was allegedly robbed and attacked by five young men found the suspects on Facebook.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor on

49-year-old Pasquale DiDiana, the owner of Baci Pizzeria in Chicago, was allegedly robbed and beaten up early Sunday morning by five young men. Thankfully, the victim recognized one of the suspects as his son's hockey teammate and used his Facebook page to identify the other culprits.

20-year-old Aaron Diaz, 20-year-old Mateusz Luszczek,17-year-old Carlo Suarez, 21-year-old Arlind Nikolla, and 19-year-old Joseph Wolf, all reportedly hit the owner in the face with their fists before running off. Thanks to the victim's detective work on Facebook, however, they have now all been arrested, according to Chicago Tribune.

The owner of the pizza parlor was beaten after he confronted Diaz and Suarez for harassing one of the other employees of the restaurant, according to Cook County state's attorney's office spokesman Andy Conklin. The owner called police and chased the group until he caught up to them a few blocks later near a white van.

The men began punching and kicking the victim as he fell to the ground, and one of them reached into his pocket and stole his phone, keys, and wallet. "This is what you get for messing with the wolf gang," one of the men allegedly told the restaurant owner, according to Conklin. DiDiana suffered cuts and bruises but was OK to go home.

Diaz and Suarez were arrested on the scene, and because DiDiana recognized Suarez, he found the other three on Facebook that same night with the help of his daughter and son. All five defendants have been charged with aggravated battery and robbery in the attack, and Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr. has set bond at $40,000 for each of them.

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