Planet Project takes a global snapshot

From inner-city London to the Amazon rainforests, the world's biggest ever interactive survey is taking place

The world's largest interactive poll wants to know all about you. The Planet Project survey, will focus on differences and similarities in lifestyles and cultures across the globe. It has been organised by 3Com and the same people who conducted 24 Hours in Cyberspace in 1996.

The survey started on 15 November and carries on through to 18 November.

To make sure the Planet Project is not just limited to Internet users, 500 volunteers have been sent to remote corners of the globe equipped with laptops, handheld computers, modems, and portable satellite up-links.

There are eight categories in the survey: religion, beliefs, and fears; health and well-being; sleep and dreams; self-image; marriage; dating and sex; parenting and education and law and order.

Questions include: "Would you switch your race if you knew you could not change it back?", "How often do you think about your weight?" and "How do you and your spouse express affection for each other?"

Poll data will be analysed by Harris Interactive.

Lisa M. Bowman contributed to this report.

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