Pocket cheerleader Linkagoal, helps you reach your goals

Is the next wave of social networking around connecting with people that can really help us reach our goals - whatever they may be?
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If you feel that you are doomed to not reach the goals you set for 2015, do not despair. You are not alone. 70 percent of us will fail to reach our goals this year. Linkagoal, a new, goal-based social network, is changing the way we set goals and how we reach them.
Pocket cheerleader Linkagoal, helps you reach your goals ZDNet

Linkagoal is like Quora for goals. It's like having a life coach and 1,000 supporters in your pocket, aiming to give social networking more purpose to people.

The free app is available for download from the iTunes Store or Google Play.

You can expect instant tips and insight on how to start reaching your goal. Whether it is achieving a beach body, writing a novel, or saving for a vacation, Linkagoal aims to help you.

Linkagoal focuses on achieving "greater social utility" and building a "curated, goal-oriented community".

Users are not limited to their existing social circles, but can to tap into a community which has shared goals to source inspiration and help them reach their collective goals faster.
Pocket cheerleader Linkagoal, helps you reach your goals ZDNet

The app enables users to crowdsource advice and help them avoid repeating the same mistakes.

If you already have washboard like abdominal muscles or have successfully given up smoking, you can make contributions and directly share your advice and experiences on how users can best achieve similar goals.

Linkagoal also brings an element of gamification for its community.

Users are rewarded with "badges" which increases a user's overall influence as a goal-setter or achiever.

Pocket cheerleader Linkagoal, helps you reach your goals ZDNet

The company claims that the app is the only social network platform with the ability to predict future user insights and behaviors.

This could be a useful tool for brands and advertisers to match goals and help individuals reach their goals through services and tailored products.

Brands will be able to target and reach users based on their future goals. Brands can promote their own pages and target, and match and support users' goals with complementary services and products

For example a sports brand such as Nike Women's Marathon could have a page to reach runners and promote running gear.

It then can support users who are training for half marathons or trying to get fitter.

Experts in health and fitness, career, money, and life-coaching, can promote their services so users can search and connect with mentors based on the level of support they need.

Users can connect with others with shared goals, track progress, support and cheer one another on.

The app has over 800,000 users and had added 400,000 users this quarter alone - and it is on course to reach 1.5M users by the end of the year.

The Sunnyvale, CA company is backed by Amr Zeden of Zedan Group.

The Saudi Arabian company, has invested in other Silicon Valley tech start-ups, such as Peter Thiel's Palantir, Jumio (with Facebook Co-founder Eduardo Saverin and David Mattes), Snupps, Qbeats, Tagstr

CEO and Founder, Mohsin Shafique said, "Users can now connect, track and better support one another through the entire goal-making process while on the go.

It's like having a life coach and a thousand supporters in your pocket to cheer you on."


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