Police arrest phishing mob suspect

US police have nabbed a suspected Russian mobster believed to be behind a series of phishing scams
Written by Dan Ilett, Contributor

A suspected Russian gangster and phisherman, caught red-handed with $200,000 worth of stolen goods and $15,000 cash, has been charged in the US on several counts of identity and credit card fraud.

Brighton District Court in Boston ordered Andrew Schwarmkoff, 28, to be held on $100,000 bail for the fraud charges. Schwarmkoff was found to have more than 100 victims' personal details, which police believe he scammed through phishing emails, the Boston Herald reported.

The US Marshals have also issued a detainer for Schwarmkoff after he reached fugitive status for similar charges in Georgia. The Herald reported that the FBI is investigating Schwarmkoff in New Jersey.

Police are said to be undecided whether they have positively identified Schwarmkoff, who is also thought to be an illegal immigrant.

Earlier this week in the UK, Lloyds TSB, Microsoft and eBay partnered with the CBI and government to launch a consumer education campaign on Internet security.

Project Endurance is expected to begin in the New Year and will have Web site dedicated to improving consumer knowledge of Internet threats. Parties included in the project include the DTI, the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit and the Association of Payment Clearing Services.

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