Politicans form transatlantic spam alliance

Derek Wyatt's All Party Parliamentary Internet Group is teaming up with members of the US Congress in its fight against spam

The All Party Parliamentary Internet Group (APIG) has partnered with the Internet Caucus, its counterpart at the US Congress, in a bid to tackle spammers.

Speaking to ZDNet UK on Wednesday, APIG chairman Derek Wyatt MP said the move would improve communication on e-commerce between the two countries and would help tighten laws on spamming.

"We'll share best practices on spam," said Wyatt. "And we'll be having a joint meeting every year either here or over there. That will really help to beat things like spam and spim [spam over instant messaging]."

Wyatt began his fight against spam two years ago, when he developed a personal dislike for junk email.

On 5 April, Wyatt will introduce a ten-minute rule bill in Parliament to discuss updating the Computer Misuse Act. APIG is pushing for the criminalisation of denial-of-service attacks and to lengthen jail sentences for hacking crimes from one to two years. The group hopes that by increasing penalties, hacking will become an extraditable offence.