Prezi announces integration with Google Workspace for video content

Prezi CEO Jim Szafranski said video conferencing, messaging and collaboration tools must "coexist seamlessly."
Written by Jonathan Greig, Contributor

Google Workspace users will now have greater access to Prezi tools thanks to a new integration that allows Prezi Video users to bring an existing Google Slides deck onto the screen next to their face within any video platform.

Prezi CEO Jim Szafranski explained that the next phase of the hybrid office will require more flexibility in how people communicate, meaning video conferencing, messaging and collaboration tools must "coexist seamlessly." 

"We're constantly developing new features to give our platform better ways to share engaging content on video, and adding Google Slides to Prezi Video was the next step in improving hybrid meetings," Szafranski said. "Now on Prezi Video, you can share any type of content on the screen of any type of video meeting without disconnecting from your colleagues."

Users will now find that Prezi Video is fully integrated with Google Workspace, allowing organizations to build and share live or pre-recorded virtual presentations within Google Drive, Google Meet, and Google Classroom.

Szafranski said the company announced the integration with Google Workspace earlier this year and explained that adding Google Slides "gives Prezi Video unique depth of integration with Google Workspace for the video enterprise space."

With Prezi Video, users can add videos, animated GIFs, presentation decks, images, and more to presentations while also typing text on-screen of a live or recorded video.

Prezi Video also works with Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and GoToMeeting. Google Slides is supported on Prezi Video for Web, Windows, and Mac.

In May, the company unveiled what it called "the first feature for all video call platforms that lets users add written and visual content live onto the screen during a video call."

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