ProgrammableWeb's best cognitive, analytics, development APIs of 2017

Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft and other publishers released 2,200-plus APIs into the wild over the past year.
Written by Joe McKendrick, Contributing Writer

ProgrammableWeb, the site that tracks all things API, has published its list of the most compelling APIs released in 2017.

Photo: Joe McKendrick

The list, compiled by ProgrammableWeb's Joy Culbertson, appears as a 10-part series that reviews top APIs by functional area. Overall, ProgrammableWeb documents more than 18,000 public APIs, with more than 2,280 APIs added over the past year, Culbertson writes. However, many new APIs rise above the rest.

Here are some standout APIs she highlights in her series:

Big data and analytics:

TensorFlow: Developed by Google, the TensorFow API "allows construction of data flow graphs for scalable machine learning."

Kinetica: "Allows developers to access databases to create tables, add rows, read rows, and delete rows, and includes functions for filtering and visualization."

DataKitchen: "Allows developers to interact with the DataKitchen platform, which provides a DataOps platform that incorporates Agile Software Development, DevOps, and manufacturing-based statistical process control into analytics and data management."

Cognitive computing:

IBM Watson Discovery REST API: "Allows developers to build queries for data and retrieving results, add data, manage queries, and integrate with other IBM Watson APIs."

Fuzzy.ai: "Allows developers to add machine learning to their working code."

Compliance.ai: Includes "developer portal, documentation, code samples, and other tools developers can use to build applications integrated with financial regulation data."

Gluon; "A joint offering from Microsoft and Amazon, offers an interface that allows developers to prototype, build, and train deep learning models."

Application development and DevOps:

Google Cloud Functions: "Allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Google Cloud. Has both REST and RPC references and is currently in beta."

Amazon Web Services Lightsail: "Offers developers virtual private servers and associated features such as virtual machines, storage, DNS management, and data transfer."

JSON fiddle: "Allows users to store, access, and edit JSON files online to test their applications."

Scrumwise: "Allows developers to programmatically access and modify data in Scrumwise, which provides a simple Scrum tool that allows users to predict delivery date, create and manage backlogs, plan releases and sprints and more."

Dead Man's Snitch: "Allows developers to access and manage 'snitches,' which are used to monitor scheduled tasks."

Business and productivity APIs:

Microsoft Power BI: "Allows access to a variety of dashboard resources including datasets, rows, and tables. Developers seeking to consume the API must authenticate their apps with Azure AD."

BombBomb: "Integrates video email into applications to convert leads, increase engagement and sales, and stand out of a text-based crowded mailbox."

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