Promise for 2012: Kinder, gentler tech coverage

My resolution for next year is provide kind, gentle coverage of the mobile tech space. Oh, who am I kidding?
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor on

I confess I can sometimes be hard on mobile tech companies. This stems from my passion for the genre, and the desire to see mobile tech ascend to levels as never before. From time to time I call companies out for doing things, well, stupidly. I am particularly harsh on those design choices that are frankly bizarre. No more, as I resolve to be offer kinder, gentler tech coverage in 2012.

Next year when I see things that formerly would make me see red, I will turn the other cheek and try to see it from the viewpoint of those who produced the aberration. No longer will I rant when a company puts a gadget's volume control on the back where you can't see it, even when they indent that and the power button so you can't even operate them by feel.

I will also look the other way when a company decides that volume controls are not even necessary, and to save a few bucks it eliminates them altogether. After all, they were thoughtful enough to bury them deeply in the software controls, so you can still change the volume as desired. It's not convenient, but it is obviously for the user's own good.

Nor will I rant about data caps on my phones and tablets, as I understand I must cut back to do my part to keep the data pipes free for others. I will gladly pay my share for capped service, and praise the carriers for allowing me to do my part to help the overall situation.

What am I kidding? This is one resolution that will never be kept. I cannot sit quietly while companies continue to do stupid things that fly in the face of their customers' wants and needs. I will not look the other way when injustices are being done in the mobile space, no matter the reasoning behind them.

Let me put you on notice big business -- if you cut corners to save a few bucks or to rush products to market, I will be there. If you overcharge for your product that is less than desirable for any reason, I will be there. I do promise to keep this resolution next year -- I will be in your face to make you build products that are worth my readers' time to consider. I will publicize your product's faults and shortcomings, just as I will praise the upside to them.

I will call them as I see them without fail or compromise. You have been warned.

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