Public ready to shun TV over mobile

'But telly on a PC - now you're talking... '

'But telly on a PC - now you're talking... '

Analysts have been slugging it out as to the future of TV on mobiles which, depending on who you listen to, is either the great white hope or the Sinclair C5 of multimedia mobile services.

A report from Entertainment Media Research (EMR), commissioned by legal firm Olswang, has found that 70 per cent of consumers have no interest in watching TV on their mobile phones, citing poor quality and high prices as some reasons responsible for deterring them.

Nevertheless, a separate survey from Continental Research discovered that one in 10 individuals has already watched TV via a mobile, with young men the most likely demographic to get square-eyed with a phone.

Both research firms, however, found that TV has successfully reached beyond the traditional box in the living room. EMR found that 44 per cent of people between the ages of 13 and 55 would watch TV or films via their PC. Continental Research discovered that 15 per cent had already used their computer as a replacement for their TV, with younger men once again the early adopters.

TV over mobile does have its place though, according to the analysts – keeping teens from being bored.

Market research firm Parks Associates has found that US teens are the keenest when it comes to mobile viewing, with 38 per cent of teens queried saying they are interested in watching downloaded music videos on phones.