QXL to launch NSPCC charity auction

QXL and Microsoft preparing charity auction online.

Online auctions are turning out to be great places to find bargains, and next week one of the biggest auctions ever staged in the UK will take place on qxl.com, with all proceeds to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

Money raised will help fund the NSPCC's "Full Stop" campaign supporting its bid to wipe out child abuse in one generation.

The auction begins 10 a.m. Monday 13 September, when Brit celebrities Melinda Messenger and Rodney Llewellyn (Q from the Bond movies) kick off the bidding. Bidding will end 8 pm 20 September. Auction expert qxl.com will provide auction facilities and Microsoft will help through its msn.co.uk portal. You will need to register with qxl.com if you want to take part in the bidding.

ZDNet UK and its sister site, GameSpot UK, are supporting the auction with £10,000 worth of free advertisements and two great "lots" which you can bid for.

  • Lot 1 is a one year subscription to ZDU -- the UK's best online training resource for people who want to improve their IT skills. Three annual ZDU subscriptions will be offered for auction. Each training subscription is worth £70 -- and entitles the purchaser to take any ZDU training course.

  • Lot 2 is for computer and video games fans -- and it's your chance to spend a day as a GameSpot games reviewer. You get to play all the latest games for a day, have a review published on GameSpot, and get paid for it.
For further information on the NSPCC's Full Stop campaign, visit the charity's Web site.