Rdio launches Vdio: Video streaming service for iPad and web browser

The folks at Rdio are taking their music service experience to the big screen with their new Vdio movie and TV show service. Rdio Unlimited subscribers can try it out now with a free $25 credit in the Vdio store.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I jump around and try lots of streaming music services, and one of my favorites is Rdio. I also enjoy watching movies and TV shows on my iPad, so when I heard that Rdio was launching Vdio, I jumped over to check it out.

Vdio is a new streaming video service available currently through your computer web browser and an iPad application. It's really in preview mode at the moment, and only available to Rdio Unlimited subscribers ($9.99/month service) in the US and the UK.

Rdio launches Vdio media streaming service for iPad and web browser
Image: Screenshot by Matthew Miller/ZDNet

A great benefit for Unlimited subscribers is the $25 free Vdio credit it is giving away. If you are an existing Rdio Unlimited subscriber or sign up for an Unlimited account in the next 60 days, then you will see a $25 VIP credit to use towards Vdio content.

Within Vdio, you can buy or rent movies and TV shows, and as I looked around in the catalog, it seemed like the prices were comparable to what I see on iTunes and the Google Play Store. I rented Lincoln for $4.99, since my wife hasn't seen it yet, and plan to watch it soon on my iPad connected to my TV. The folks at Rdio stated that they are working on more mobile apps, so I imagine we will soon see iOS and Android support.

You get 30 days to begin watching rented content, and then 24 hours to finish viewing it (48 hours in the UK). If you purchase something, you can obviously watch it as many times as you like. Season passes for TV shows are also available.

Vdio is trying to differentiate itself from other video services by focusing on the discoverability of content. It has Sets, playlists for TV shows and movies, so you can share these with others and discover content via social interactions. The website is well designed, with many features you may be familiar with in Rdio.

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