RealJukebox gets features boost

Adds CD creation support, will be distributed with Iomega products

In the increasingly desperate scramble to keep ahead of Microsoft's Windows Media Player, RealNetworks has added CD creation capabilities to its latest version of RealJukebox. The update also features built-in support for Iomega's storage devices.

The RealJukebox Update 1 media player has integrated Adaptec's popular Easy CD Creator software. This allows users to create customised CDs using a CD-R or CD-RW drive. The feature gives Real a slight edge over its main competitor, although Microsoft is likely to quickly announce similar updates to its rival software.

Also new to RealJukebox Update 1 is the integrated support for Iomega's Zip, Jaz and Clik! storage drives. This includes a drag-and-drop interface for transferring music files to Iomega media. Another boost: As part of the deal with Iomega, the company will distribute Real's player with all Iomega's drives and every pack of Zip, Jaz and Clik! disks.

RealJukebox Update 1 is available for download from the RealNetworks site for $29.99 (about £19).

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