Red Hat announces Enterprise Linux 6

The open source developer and Linux vendor touts that new server operating system has several technical feature enhancements that will improve agility, lower costs and simplify IT complexity.

Red Hat today announced the availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, the latest release of its operating platform. The company said the new version is designed to support the new enterprise architectures of today, whether physical, virtual or cloud-based.

The company said the new release includes "hundreds of technical feature enhancements" that are designed to improve agility, lower costs and reduce IT complexity. It also includes a range of updated server and desktop apps. More importantly, the company said the new release is designed to be as "future proof" as possible.

In a statement, Paul Cormier, Red Hat's executive vice president and president of products and technologies, said:

We are now entering an era of enterprise computing where flexibility, portability and interoperability are more important than ever. And today, we are delivering the platform that customers need... What we are delivering is more open, more reliable and more comprehensive than other products on the market. The future is here with a platform designed to take customers into the next generation with virtualization and cloud."

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