Remember Kerry-Boxer?

Senate energy bill back in negotiation.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

Well, now it may become Kerry-Graham-Lieberman-Boxer. And opponents of nuclear energy may go nuclear over the nuclear option. Not only will the next version of the Senate's energy and climate change bill include more nuc, it may also include even more offshore oil drilling than is called for by the previous Kerry-Boxer. What's not known: how many more pages will be added? The now-old bill had less than a thousand pages.

Meanwhile, Republicans on the committee considering Kerry-Boxer insist there needs to be a full economic analysis of its proposals, all 900+ pages worth.

Meanwhile we're five weeks away from the start of the international climate talks in Copenhagen where the U.S. negotatiors will show up with lots of good intentions and little more. The World Wildlife Fund, focused more on other species with no votes and no money, issued a report asking the nations of the world to re-industrialize. Essentially they're calling for completely retooling the planet's energy systems to lower emissions and curtail global warming and the extinctions that it's expected to trigger. Wall Street wouldn't like that one bit.

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