Remix OS beta: Install Android variant on any PC and Mac

Remix OS is a variant of Android designed to look and work like Windows 7, that can run any Android app in the Google Play store.
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Remix OS desktop

Jide originally produced Remix OS to run its Ultra Remix tablet. Much like the Microsoft Surface, we found the tablet to be a good system for productive work due to features unique for an Android system. These include multi-window multitasking, a powerful file manager, and the ability to use the keyboard and trackpad like any PC.


Jide Remix Ultra Tablet with Remix OS

Jide is releasing Remix OS as a beta download to install on any PC or Mac. It is a particularly good option for 32-bit systems which should run it very well. This makes it a good solution for older laptops that many have laying around unused. Install Remix OS and it can be a useful laptop at little cost. It is certainly a reasonable alternative to doing this with Chrome OS as it can run any Android app due to access to the Google Play store.

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I've used Remix OS for over a year on my Ultra Tablet and the feature that still impresses me is the ability to run multiple Android phone apps on the desktop at the same time. I regularly have three of them running at the same time and switch among them at will.

Unlike typical Android versions Remix OS has a desktop that is much like that on Windows 7. There is a familiar taskbar and a graphical task manager that many will find familiar. Remix OS is designed to be a productive work system and will surprise those who expect just another Android OS.

The beta version of Remix OS will be available on March 1 on the Jide web site. It can be installed as the only OS on any system and can also be installed on a dual-boot system with Windows or OS X.

Jide Remix Ultra gallery

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