Retina iPad mini with LTE universally unavailable; Wi-Fi less so

A check of inventory of the new iPad mini at Apple Store reveals that the LTE model is unavailable.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor on

Apple launched the iPad mini with Retina Display under cover of darkness yesterday and with a caveat, you can only order it online for either home delivery, or for personal pickup in an Apple Store. That's right, you cannot walk into an Apple Store and purchase one of the devices. Store staff has been instructing customers to order it online and select the personal pickup option at checkout. 

Some customers are even walking over to store Macs, placing their orders "online" and then walking over to a retail associate to collect their booty. 

The new iPad mini is shaping up to be a hot ticket for the holidays and readers thinking of purchasing a unit should get their orders in soon to avoid potential disappointment. 

To discourage speculators, Apple has implemented a maximum of two Retina iPad mini's per customer. 

Apple is imposing a strict limit of 2 Retina iPad minis per customer - Jason O'Grady

A quick check of the re-born Apple Tracker reveals that the Wi-Fi versions of the Teddy Ruxpin, er, Retina iPad mini reveals that a smattering of Wi-Fi configurations are available at retail locations here in the northeastern section of the U.S.:

Retina iPad mini with Wi-Fi somewhat available - Jason O'Grady

...but that the LTE/cellular version is universally unavailable. 

Retina iPad mini with LTE universally unavailable - Jason O'Grady

The table above is for the Verizon Wireless version (my preference) but a check of AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile models Retina iPad mini models reveals that they too are "all red." 

(The above graphics are courtesy of son-of-Apple-Tracker, which is online after several of the original Apple trackers were taken down by overzealous Cuperinto lawyers. Just keep the link to yourself, m'kay?)

Seekers of the LTE/Cellular model are advised to place an online order before the end of the week if they want to secure a unit from the first production run of the popular "Cabbage Patch" model.

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