Return of the Linux Quiz

This test is purely for your amusement and should not be used to determine if you're ready for your RHCE exam.
Hi there, it's Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols again, ZDNet's resident Linux expert, with yet another Linux quiz. This test is purely for your amusement and should not be used to determine if you're ready for your RHCE exam. Instructions: Click on your answer and then see how many others agree with you. Then click to see the answer and the next question.
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The correct answer is... » What does RHCE stand for in Linux circles? Answer: A. It's also regarded as the most profitable certification for would-be Linux workers. If you answered B, you're better at bio-chemistry than you are at Linux.
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The correct answer is... » When is Linux's "official" birthday - according to Linus Torvalds? Answer: D. All of the above. And, for that matter, you can argue that October 5th might be a good date as well. See my interview with Linus for all the details.
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The correct answer is... » Debian Linux's name comes from... Answer: B. It's the combination of its first developer's name, Ian Murdock, with the name of his then girl-friend, Debra. I can't begin to count the times I heard the Star Trek and D&D versions of the name's history though.
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The correct answer is... » These days there are Linux and open-source trade shows and conventions everywhere. Which of these is not the name of a real Linux get-together? Answer: A. Caldera, once a Linux company, never had a Caldera Collusion. SCALE; Southeast Linuxfest; and POSSON are all the real deal. [poll id="133"]

The correct answer is... » Which company or group doesn't sell a version or derivative of Red Hat Enterprise Linux? Answer: A. Microsoft. While Microsoft did sell a Unix, Xenix, upon a time, it never has sold any version of Linux... yet. Oracle and CentOS do offer their own takes on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and, of course, Red Hat does as well. [poll id="134"]

The correct answer is... » Which of the following Linux distributions doesn't currently use Ubuntu Linux as its base distribution? Answer: B. MEPIS. It used to be based on Ubuntu, but its developer Warren Woodford switched to Debian a few years back. Mint is one of the best regarded of the Ubuntu variants; Kubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE interface, and Canonical, Ubuntu's parent company has worked with Google on Google's Chrome OS. [poll id="135"]

The correct answer is... » Thinking of Ubuntu, which of these hasn't been a name for one of its releases? Answer: C. Hungry Hippo. Mind you a lot of people wanted Hardy Heron, Ubuntu 8.04, to be Hungry Hippo but it was not to be! Perhaps that was too silly a name... [poll id="136"]

The correct answer is... » Some people don't like any proprietary bits in their Linux. Which of these distributions has no proprietary drivers or code within it? Answer: D. gNewSense. Unbreakable Linux is a variation of the name for Oracle's Red Hat Linux; FreeBSD is, well, BSD Unix, not Linux; and Ubuntu includes a smidgen of proprietary drivers and media codecs. You don't have to use them, but they are there. [poll id="137"]

The correct answer is... » Before Novell got into the Linux business with SUSE, it was better known for another operating system. That operating system was: Answer: B. NetWare. I didn't consider this as a trivia question, but I just ran into a tech-savvy generation Y network administrator who had never even heard of NetWare! I must be getting old! NetWare was the network server operating system in the 80s and well into the 90s. Windows for Workgroups, was an early attempt by Microsoft to create a peer-to-eer network. It wasn't much good. MetaFrame was Citrix's Windows-based thin-client/server software application stack and OS/360 was an IBM mainframe operating system. [poll id="138"]

The correct answer is... » Ubuntu makes it possible to run Linux on a Windows desktop as if it were an application. The name of the program that does this is: Answer: B. Wubi. It works pretty well by the way and I've found a good way to get Windows users who would otherwise never touch a Linux distro, to give it a try. And, now for your results (correct answers): 10: Close friend of Linus Torvalds. 7-9: Friend of Tux, the Linux penguin. 4-6: Has met Tux. 1-3: Would know a penguin if he met met one. 0: Close friend of Steve Ballmer. Thanks for playing! Still looking for answers? Try my first Linux quiz. Previous quizzes

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