Reuze simplifies move from mainframe to Windows

The new Micro Focus tool promises to help companies move their Cobol-based business processes to Windows without having to rewrite applications
Written by Matthew Broersma, Contributor

Micro Focus on Wednesday launched a tool for migrating business processes from the mainframe to Windows, without having to rewrite applications.

The tool, called Reuze, was introduced as part of the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans this week. It is aimed at companies that primarily use Windows but still rely on some mainframe Cobol applications, according to Micro Focus.

"Micro Focus enables those investments to continue to add value at very low cost, optimising the benefits in the shortest amount of time and avoiding the risks associated with rewriting or replacing critical business systems," the company's chief executive Stephen Kelly said in a statement. The Newbury-based supplier of data-management and modernisation tools is known as a backer of Cobol.

In most cases, Reuze allows the Cobol programs to remain unchanged, eliminating the need to rewrite the source code for SQL Server or to remove mainframe syntax, the company said. It supports 64-bit Windows architectures and the .NET Framework.

Reuze is aimed at companies with relatively small mainframes, typically with around 50 MIPS of processing power, and is designed to reduce costs by allowing companies to focus on the Windows platform, Micro Focus said.

The product includes two components: Developer, a client-based graphical tool for migrating applications to Windows; and Server, the deployment environment for the migrated applications.

Developer includes an integrated development environment based on Microsoft Visual Studio, and allows for cross-team collaboration.

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