Review: e-Luminator2 book light and three M-Edge Kindle cases

One thing you need to fully enjoy your Kindle ebook reader is a book light of some kind. M-Edge updated their lighting solution with the e-Luminator2 that adds a few nice features to their previous book light. They also have a few new cases to fit the various needs of end users.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I thoroughly enjoy my Amazon Kindle 2 device and it now lives permanently in a M-Edge Prodigy Jacket along with an e-Luminator book light. I find the case to be extremely useful and think a case like this with securing tabs on the right side may be preventing my Kindle 2 from cracking like the ebook readers in the Amazon case with the unsecured right sides. The e-Luminator is a fantastic accessory so you can imagine I was pretty excited to hear about a second version, the e-Luminator2, with some nice improvements while still full compatible with existing Kindle cases. M-Edge also sent along a couple other cases for the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX that I will cover in my thoughts below. Check out my image gallery of the e-Luminator2 and three other M-Edge cases.

Image Gallery:A look at the new M-Edge e-Luminator2 and Kindle Jackets for the Kindle2 and Kindle DX.
Image Gallery: e-Luminator2 retail packaging
Image Gallery: Kindle DX Sleeve Jacket

M-Edge sent along the e-Luminator2 for Amazon Kindle 2, Latitude jacket for the Kindle 2, and Sleeve jackets for the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX. I thoroughly enjoy the M-Edge Genuine Leather Prodigy Jacket and if you are looking for a nice Kindle 2 case you can't go wrong with this model. That said, I was willing to take a look at a couple of their other offerings as well to see if there was a need or use for something different. I don't have a Kindle DX to try out the Sleeve jacket with, but will give you a rundown of this case too.

M-Edge e-Luminator 2 for Amazon Kindle

The e-Luminator2 book light is available now at the launch special price of $19.99 (regular $24.99) and to use it you will need some kind of carrying case that supports the mounting arm. Many of their cases support the e-Luminator light so check them out before buying the light. Here is a list of the new features found in the e-Luminator2 compared to the e-Luminator:

  • Modified flexible neck design (bends at tighter angles for more custom locations)
  • Rotating support base (allows you to rotate light arm up to 180 degrees)
  • Two LED brightness levels
  • Use of AAA standard battery (no more A23 battery!)

The AAA battery is reported to give you more than 20 hours of light usage while the LED bulb should never need replacing. As listed above you also now have two light intensities to toggle through. I did not see a huge difference, but there was enough to be noticeable to give you full lighting of your Kindle display. The switch on the back of the light bulb end is centered for off and then goes down for the lower brightness and up for the greater brightness.

The flexible arm length is actually slightly shorter (mm or two), but is more flexible. I found it easier to find a good position for the light with the new e-Luminator2 unit. The base is longer due to the use of AAA batteries, but this does not impact usability at all. The mounting bar is about the same and fits into all existing cases that support the e-Luminator and new cases built for booklight support.

I only rotated the base when trying out the Latitude jacket, due to the placement of the book light support pocket on the back of the Latitude jacket. While the overall light is longer than the previous light, it still fits nicely in the Prodigy case I use with my Kindle 2.

Prior to buying an e-Luminator2 book light, make sure you order the one for your specific Kindle device (original, second generation or Kindle DX) since there are e-Luminator2 lights made for each model of Kindle. The arm lengths vary by device and you probably don't want one that doesn't fit into your case.

M-Edge Latitude Jacket

I prefer to use my Kindle 2 inside a case as it keeps it protected at all times and I don't mind having a slight increase in size for this added protection. I also need a case to help hold a book light. The Latitude Jacket for Kindle 2 is an attractive, reasonably priced (currently $29.99) case that lets you carry your Kindle, e-Luminator2, Kindle 2 charger and more.

The Latitude Jacket has an exterior of ripstop nylon and a soft polar fleece interior. There are neoprene corner brackets that work to hold your Kindle in position in the case and I found them to be quite secure. There are high quality zippers (2 of them) around the three sides of the case that hold your Kindle 2 in place and also allow you to open up the case a bit to charge the Kindle 2 while safe inside. You can actually flip the front around to the back and zip it closed too for another reading configuration.

There is a pocket along the upper back part of the case to allow you to insert the e-Luminator2 and then rotate the base so you can shine the light on your Kindle display. There is a large open pocket below this light pocket to place papers if you desire.

On the front of the case you will find a curved (smiley face shaped) zipper that reveals a large front pocket to store the charger, book light, and more if you are out and about. Opposite of this front pocket is a fabric piece that feels great in your hand as you carry your Kindle in the Latitude Jacket.

The inside polar fleece is quite thick and offers good protection for your Kindle display and keyboard.

The Latitude Jacket is available in black color and is a good alternative if you want a case to protect your Kindle and carry a few things on the go at a price less than the leather cases.

Kindle 2 and Kindle DX Sleeve Jackets

The Kindle 2 and Kindle DX Sleeve Jackets are available in six different colors, including black, blue, lime green, orange, red, and yellow. I was sent a blue on for the Kindle 2 and a lime green one for the Kindle DX to check out. The Kindle 2 model is on sale for $29.99 (regularly $39.99) and the DX model is on sale for $39.99 (regularly $49.99).

The Kindle blue one is dark blue and very professional looking. I actually really like the lime green DX one as well and you can rest assured you won't lose your Kindle DX if it is placed inside this case. There is some nice embossed M-Edge branding on the cases and the stitching is top notch too.

These Sleeve Jackets are pretty basic and are used just to carry your Kindle without providing you with a way to read with your Kindle inside the case. The dual zipper (well constructed) configuration lets you open the right side of the cases about half way around so that you can insert and remove your Kindle.

Similar to the Latitude Jacket, the Sleeve Jackets are lined with polar fleece material to protect your Kindle device. There is also a single zipper on the back that allows you to get into a back pocket for storing your charger.

A carrying handle is also concealed along the left side (spine) of the case inside a zippered pocket. You can carry your Kindle and Sleeve Jacket with this handle or without extending it from the pocket.


M-Edge continues to roll out some excellent products for the Kindle line of devices and I personally find the e-Luminator2 to be an essential accessory for any Kindle user who reads in bed, on a bus or train with poor lighting, on a plane at night, or at other times when some light is needed.

You should also consider some kind of M-Edge carrying case and the one you choose is highly dependent on your usage patterns and how much money you want to spend. I have a tough time leaving the Prodigy Jacket, although I think the Latitude Jacket could also fit my needs. Do you have a favorite M-Edge product that you like to use with your Kindle?

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