Review: Skooba Cable Stable Mini (Verdict: great)

Not having the right cable -- for that big presentation, for example -- can be fatal. If you have a snake's nest in the bottom of your bag, it's time to get organized.

The Cable Stable Mini is a small zippered case with a "floating" elastic band and neoprene pouches for stowing your various electronic accessories. Made by Skooba Design, the 'Mini is a smaller and more manageable version of the Cable Stable DLX ($39.95) that I reviewed last year.

The Mini ($29.95) is a great way to keep your various cables and adapters organized instead of letting them float around in your bag. Bigger stuff fits in the neoprene pouches on the left and the elastic band on the right resizes on the fly to accommodate varying sizes of gear. The center area looks like it was designed for a couple pens, but it fits the HDMI adapter perfectly.

Pictured above is the standard complement of cables that I travel with, including:

  • 6-foot micro USB cable -- A must for charging my Jawbone, MiFi, etc.
  • Apple 10w power brick -- iPad stock
  • 6-foot dock cable -- Cheapie, around $5 on Amazon
  • Griffin 10-foot dock cable ($30) -- 10 feet, 10 watts, 20-gauge. Enough said
  • Griffin PowerBlock Dual Universal ($25) -- Two 5 USB ports for charging two devices simultaneously
  • Griffin USB Mini Cable Kit ($25) -- Three 4-inch emergency cables (dock, mini and micro USB)
  • Griffin Video Display Converter ($29) -- One of only two Mini DisplayPort > HDMI adapters that send both video and audio)

What's in your gear bag?

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