Review: ThunderBolt survives fall thanks to Seidio Innocase II SURFACE case

I had an Innocase II SURFACE wrapped around my HTC ThunderBolt this weekend and after it fell over 3 feet to concrete and came away unscathed I was elated that it was protected.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on

I stopped buying belt clip cases a couple of years ago, but I do like to still have something to wrap around my devices to reduce scratches and offer some protection. I had a Seidio Innocase II SURFACE case on my HTC EVO 4G and then decided to try one out on my HTC ThunderBolt in Sapphire Blue. It was a good thing I did too since I dropped my ThunderBolt this weekend from over 3 feet down onto a concrete slab with the device landing on the bottom corner and not suffering a single scratch or any damage at all!

Seidio makes a number of the best accessories for smartphones and I go there to buy cases and extra batteries. The Innocase II SURFACE case is available for $29.95 for many different types of devices, but the one pictured in my image gallery is for the HTC ThunderBolt on Verizon. The ThunderBolt, like my EVO 4G, is a large device so I do not mind adding a millimeter around the edges and the back to give me a bit of a piece of mind and after this weekend's scary drop I plan to buy these for all future smartphones as well.

Image Gallery: Check out product images of the Seidio Innocase II SURFACE for the HTC ThunderBolt.
Image Gallery: Two pieces of the case
Image Gallery: Case in hand

The Innocase II SURFACE is a two piece case that is covered in a soft touch finish so you will find it easier to grip than the bare device. I actually had my ThunderBolt stacked with other phones on a box as I was walking outside to take review pics and I slipped and sent the ThunderBolt flying right into the concrete slab garage floor, on a corner no less, so gripping it was not the problem here. I have seen devices hit their corner on surfaces and have shattered screens as a result so I was extremely pleased to see that the ThunderBolt and even the case came away flawlessly. FYI, do NOT try this out at home with your device.

The case has cutouts for the camera, flash, dual microphones, power button, headset jack, microUSB port, volume button and even the mystery circle on the back of the ThunderBolt. There is also a large cutout for the kickstand and having the case on the ThunderBolt does not impact the kickstand functionality at all.

The inside has felt pieces to protect your device and keep the case on solidly. You simply slide the top section over your ThunderBolt, then slide the bottom section up to meet it and hold it together. It can be difficult to take it off, unless you use the proper technique. The key is to grasp the sides of the top and squeeze it together while pressing down on the bottom just below the seam where the two pieces meet and then sliding the top up and off. I want it to be hard because I do not want the case to come off easily and Seidio does a great job with this design so that my case never shifts or anything on the ThunderBolt.

Another benefit of the Innocase II SURFACE is that you now gain distance between surfaces and your camera lens so scratches are less likely. I also like using these Innocase II SURFACE cases because I can add some personalization to my black device with color. These cases come in five colors, including black, sapphire blue, burgundy, amethyst, and sage.

Seidio also sells a holster for the case and your device or even in a combo pack.

In addition to the Innocase II SURFACE, they have an Active X line that has a polymer inside and hard skeleton outside. Luckily, my device survived well with just the Innocase II SURFACE, but the Active case would probably have even provided better protection in this case.

Thanks to Seidio for sending along an evaluation sample that saved my ThunderBolt and confirms why I loved the one I bought for my EVO 4G last year.

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