RHA T20 Wireless review: 12-hour battery with option for wired or wireless connectivity

RHA Audio is well known for its high quality headsets and to give users their choice of connectivity, you can use the new T20 Wireless in either wired or wireless mode. The 12 hour battery will also keep you going for days.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

RHA Audio released the original T20 wired model in 2015 and the headset was universally lauded by reviewers. People have been asking for a wireless version and this month RHA delivered with the T20 Wireless, available now for $249.95.

In order to provide buyers with the ultimate audio experience, RHA lets you use the T20 Wireless headphones in either a wireless or wired mode so you get the best of both worlds in one. The T20 Wireless is priced at $249.95, which is a rather high price for headphones when OnePlus offers something similar at $99. The OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 don't have a wired mode though and wired mode on the T20 Wireless is pretty stunning.

Retail package

RHA Audio includes everything you need in the retail package with the following contents:

  • T20 Wireless housings with DualCoil driver - MMCX
  • SecureFlex Bluetooth neckband – MMCX
  • Oxygen-free copper cable with 3.5mm - MMCX
  • Tuning filters and holder (bass, reference and treble)
  • Neoprene carry pouch
  • Stainless steel ear tip holder
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable
  • Dual density silicone ear tips: 2xS, 2xM, 2xL
  • Double flange silicone ear tips: 1xS, 1xL
  • Comply Foam Tsx400 ear tips: 2xM
  • Sports clip
  • Clothing clip

The housing for each earbud is constructed of injection-moulded stainless steel, colored in black to add a sleek element to the design of this model. RHA's DualCoil driver system provide fantastic sound quality that I have yet to find replicated on other headsets.

Kyle Hutchison – Head of Product Design, RHA, stated:

When designing the T20 Wireless, we wanted to retain as much as possible, integrating the new elements with the aesthetic of the existing T series. We enhanced the striking look of the T20i using beautiful black finishes for the cabling, housings, and our silicone tips. Our headphones are known for their engineered, metal components and the neckband and remote are made of stunning, brushed stainless-steel. Combining these premium materials with clever design features like magnetic housings has created a beautiful, high-performance headphone.

Hardware and design

The RHA T20 Wireless is an over-the-neck design with a flexible cable connecting two large ends that house the battery and wireless radio. The earbuds are at the end of a cable, about nine inches long, coming out of each end. The cables do not retract, but there is a magnet between the two earbuds so they connect when you are not wearing them and keep things from tangling up. This is one of my favorite features of RHA headphones and lets you wear them throughout the day in comfort.

The right cable has a universal three button remote to control playback and also initiate voice assistants. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri are all compatible with the center activation button. Where the flexible thicker cable transitions into the earbud cable, there is a cylindrical part that houses the power button, indicator light, and USB-C port for charging. There is nothing found in the left side cylinder or along the earbud cable, making it easy to know which side is the right side when you place the headphones around your neck. The left side has an NFC radio inside to make pairing easy too.

Specifications of the RHA MA390 include:

  • Driver: 10mm DualCoil Dynamic
  • Bluetooth codecs: MP3, aptX, SBC
  • Frequency range (wired): 16-40,000 Hz
  • Frequency range (wireless): 16-20,000 Hz
  • Wireless: Bluetooth 5.0 with 10m range
  • Water resistance: IPX4 rating
  • Battery life: 12 hours
  • Remote: 3-button for wireless connection
  • Weight (wired): 39 grams
  • Weight (wireless): 49 grams
  • Warranty: 3 years

The last couple of inches of cable near the earbud are a bit thicker and can be molded to fit around your ear for better security in your ear. A tight pull on each earbud removes the stainless steel earbud module from the wireless cable system. Snapping each earbud module into the other assembly converts the RHA T20 Wireless into a wired headset with a very long cable. A high quality 3.5mm headset jack is at the end of the cable with a metal centerpiece connecting the right and left earbud cables. There is no inline remote on the wired assembly.

RHA T20 Wireless review: in pictures

Daily usage experiences

Most of my testing was performed on an iPhone XS and iPad Mini 2019 with music, movies, and podcast audio playback. With the iPhone and iPad I did not hear a significant difference between wireless and wired modes. For my daily commute, wireless mode was fantastic for long playback, comfort, and tangle-free usage.

I also tested out the LG G8 ThinQ since it has an integrated Quad DAC system with audio a focus of the device. In wireless mode, audio was too quiet for daily usage, which I noted as a problem when I tested the LG G8. I then switched to wired mode with the Quad DAC turned on and almost cried from how amazing the audio sounded coming from the G8 through the T20 Wireless and into my head. Wired mode is stunning with some phones, but wireless is very convenient too.

RHA advertises 12 hours of battery life and through a week of commuting and working in the office I measured about 10 hours of battery life on a consistent basis. Charging was pretty fast though with USB-C taking the headset at nearly empty to full in about an hour and a half.

While I started with the reference tuning filters, I tried the other two and settled on the bass filters since I like a bit more bass in my music and it seems most headphones perform in the treble range. The DualCoil driver system helps music playback sound great and I'm starting to use the RHA more than any other headset in my arsenal.

While there are a large number of eartips available, my favorite was the double-flange silicone ones that sealed things up and held the headset firmly in my ears. The Comply foam ones are also great for noise isolation, but the double-flange ones are easier to insert and are more comfortable for my ears.

While there isn't much rain in the summer here in Washington State, I can rest assured that the T20 Wireless will work in inclement conditions thanks to its IPx4 water resistant rating. The cable length worked well for me and did not pull on my ears or get wrapped up when I turned my head left and right.

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