RI offers online teachers' guide to state standards

Dept. of Ed. drew on input and expertise from teachers and administrators across the state.
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As part of Rhode Island's plan to provide accessibility and uniformity to the state's education standards, state education officials have unveiled a uniform web-based learning plan for grades K-12, reports the Providence Journal

Rhode Island's education standards for each grade were developed two years ago, but until recently, no teacher guide has been written.

"This is a great tool for districts to understand what it is we are measuring [on the tests]," said Governor Carcieri during the unveiling at Woonsocket High School. "It's a tremendous resource."

The state Department of Education spent two years and $300,000 developing the curriculum, drawing on input and expertise from about 125 teachers and administrators across the state, said Diane Schaefer, director of instruction, who oversaw the project.

Unlike a traditional curriculum that serves as a blueprint for what is taught in the classroom and can require certain textbooks, Rhode Island's plan is more flexible and acts as a guide for teachers.

The curriculum includes descriptions of lesson plans that are linked to standards, analyses by teachers about what worked in the lesson and what did not, samples of student work and short video clips of effective teaching methods.

"This brings our state together," said Patrick Guida, vice chairman of the state Board of Regents for Elementary and Secondary Education. "A common curriculum will make it easier for teachers to teach and students to learn, especially if they move across district lines."

To explore the statewide curriculum, visit: www.ride.ri.gov/instruction/curriculum

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