RIM patches 'critical' BlackBerry PDF flaw

The company has patched a flaw in the way BlackBerry server software opens PDFs that exposes corporate networks to attack

RIM has released a patch for a security flaw in BlackBerry Enterprise Server that exposed corporate networks to hackers via maliciously crafted PDF documents.

RIM announced the "highly critical" security advisory two weeks ago, saying that a booby-trapped PDF could exploit a hole in RIM's server software to gain remote access to corporate networks.

The flaw affected the BlackBerry Attachment Service — a function within BlackBerry Enterprise Server that is used to process PDF attachments and make them readable by BlackBerry users on that network.

The flaw did not expose BlackBerry devices to attack, but could expose email servers on the same network as BlackBerry Enterprise Server to attack, Sense of Security's principal consultant, Jason Edelstein, told ZDNet.com.au.

RIM's initial workaround was to prevent the BlackBerry Attachment Service from processing PDF files within the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. The patch is now available from RIM's website.