Roundup: AOL and Time Warner create media monolith

It's the largest business deal ever. Here's what it means for you

America Online found a cable strategy and Time Warner found an Internet strategy as the pair merged Monday in a stock swap valued at $350bn (£217bn). The deal, expected to close by the end of 2000, will create a company with $40bn revenue in its first year of operation and encompass properties ranging from ICQ to the WB television network. ZDNet provides an insight into the biggest merger in history. Winners and losers after AOL Time Warner deal - Tue, 11th Jan
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While Wall Street may not have appreciated AT&T's cable assets over the past year, America Online did AOL-Time Warner merger validates Internet euphoria - Tue, 11th Jan
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Merger will electrify tech stocks AOL, Time Warner surge in pre-morning trading - Mon, 10th Jan
Investors show early enthusiasm for announced merger AOL and Time Warner to merge - Mon, 10th Jan
Deal will create media giant worth $247bn; will be world's largest entertainment and media company, and largest Internet service provider Read the comment pieces below on AnchorDesk Westbrook: Content is King Kewney: Media merger madness Berst: Day one of the converged world What do you think? Tell the Mailroom. And read what others have said.