Roundup: Are PCs losing their grip on the Internet?

Set-top boxes and smartphones could mean that UK consumers are less likely to surf from a desktop PC in the future

Getting consumers on the Internet using televisions is fast becoming a preoccupation with high-tech companies. If it's not the TV it'll be a either a 3G or GPRS handset: either way, it looks like the PC's reign as king of the Net is about to grind to a juddering halt -- or is it? With smartphone manufacturers promising to use GPRS and future 3G networks to bring Web browsing to mobile devices, the Internet is already moving away from its traditional base on the PC. HAVE SURFERS EVER HAD IT SO GOOD?
Nuggets: Sagem Pocket PC converges on the ubiquitous
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 Yup, it was only announced late last week, and we've had a good gander at it already Siemens and Toshiba close to 3G phones alliance
Fri, 03 Nov 2000 International 3G marketing will be a joint effort for Siemens and Toshiba, the Japanese media suggests Set top boxes poised to dethrone the PC in Xmas rush
Tue, 31st Oct 2000 Set-top boxes could be the next step forward for unwired Brits but will it become a spam frenzy? Sony, others to start digital broadcast services
Mon, 23rd Oct 2000 New set-top boxes will enable viewers to store entertainment programming on memory devices and watch it later, or to access the Internet via TV Freebox to open phone lines Monday
Fri, 06th Oct 2000 A new company is giving away set-top boxes, with the aim of providing Internet access for all. But will Freebox succeed where other "free" deals have failed? Nuggets: Ogle convergence hybrid Mondo
Thu, 28 Sep 2000 It's a potent mix of PDA, pocket PC and phone The Road to 3G
Wed, 23 Aug 2000 ZDNet maps out the 'Road to 3G', a series of reports investigating the technologies, the standards, the devices, the services, and the likely winners and losers in the 3G mobile revolution. Linux fuels game console plus
Fri, 07th Jul 2000 Indrema claims its revolutionary, Linux-based set-top is 'for TV, for game addicts and for total entertainment' Pace forges ahead with Microsoft deal
Tue, 09th May 2000 Relationship could open up grand opportunities for set-top box maker News Burst: Broadcom unveils set-top box chip
Thu, 04th May 2000 Chip maker aims to speed up growth of Internet-connected TV Have your say instantly, and see what others have said. Click on the TalkBack button and go to the ZDNet News forum. Let the editors know what you think in the Mailroom. And read what others have said.