Roundup: Creative's U-turn on portable MP3

Creative upset quite a few readers last year when it said the UK wasn't ready for MP3. Here's a roundup of the inevitable U-turn

With 6GB of space on your hip, attached to a snazzy set of headphones, who needs a lowly CD player. The portable MP3 player is here to stay -- although it didn't get off to a great start -- with Creative Technology catching up on its rivals with the Nomad, or whatever it's called...

Here's a roundup of Creative's journey thus far:

Not that long after it said no to an MP3 player in the UK, Creative did a U-turn and announced that it would grace our shelves with the second iteration of the Nomad.

Nomad Mk II (it doesn't have a name yet) will be christened after Creative sorts out the trademark dispute that prevented it cashing in on the Christmas rush last year.

Out to burst Creative's bubble, those cynical analysts reckon its new baby is no trend setter.

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