Roundup: LinuxWorld 2000, San Jose

Linux gurus get down to business at the west coast LinuxWorld conference

The scope and scale of LinuxWorld, 14-17 August, in San Jose provides conclusive evidence that Linux is an operating system intent on taking over the world. The conference produces buckets of Linux news and information and ZDNet provides this roundup of the event. LINUXWORLD NEWS:
Meet Sun's open source ambassador
Thu, 17 Aug 2000For all his allies in the open source community, Marco Boerries has one enemy: Microsoft AMD Hammer chip nails open source
Wed, 16th Aug 2000 Linux distributors and tools vendors are climbing on board at LinuxWorld for AMD's new 64-bit chip offering Michael Dell sings out Linux's praises
Wed, 16th Aug 2000 PC vendor chairman manages to walk a tightrope - keeping LinuxWorld conventioneers happy without taking any potshots at good buddy Bill Gates Big Blue: 'Linux is a big deal'
Wed, 16th Aug 2000 IBM embraces open source as the future of computing at its Solutions 2000 developers conference Gnome throws down the gauntlet
Wed, 16th Aug 2000 Thirteen open source vendors that make up the Gnome Foundation are preparing to smash Microsoft's desktop monopoly Gnome Linux to attack Windows
Tue, 15th Aug 2000 Can Linux make a run at Windows on the desktop? Some computer heavyweights will give it a try RECENT LINUX NEWS:
Motorola and IBM deals inked by Red Hat
Tue, 15th Aug 2000 Red Hat'll do nicely -- boost for Linux company as two deals announced Tuesday Linuxcare supports video games platform
Tue, 15th Aug 2000 Games on Linux get much needed boost with Linuxcare and Indrema deal Linux companies go for AMD's Hammer
Tue, 15th Aug 2000 SuSE and Red Hat to help AMD batter Intel with Hammer Red Hat snaps up C2Net Software
Mon, 14th Aug 2000 Developer of the Apache-based Stronghold secure Web server to be bought by Red Hat COMMENT
Hello GNOME, Adios KDE
Love him, hate him, you couldn't ignore him. He was brash and loud and he was a visionary but few would argue that his day had come too soon. Charles Cooper believed that Cowpland -- with all of his brilliance -- had become a liability to Corel years ago. Take me to the Linux Lounge What do you think? Tell the Mailroom. And read what others have said.