Roundup: Palm shifts focus

New acquisition highlights Palm's enterprise ambitions. But is it losing focus as a hardware provider?

Palm has made a significant step into the corporate market with the acquisition of Extended Systems. But at the same time it faces criticism over its hardware platform, which remains conservative compared with that of licensees such as Handspring and Sony. NEWS
Palm OS 4.0 to appear in new handhelds at CeBit
Fri, 09th Mar Sources say the new operating system will appear in two new models -- the m500 and m505 -- at the end of March Handspring Visor Edge to debut Monday
Fri, 09th MarPalm licencee gears up to introduce its slimline PDA with extra memory and new expansion slot Palm makes peace with Microsoft
Thu, 08th Mar New acquisition will see Palm directly supporting PocketPC products, as well as wireless standards, such as Bluetooth Palm embraces Windows in £180m deal
Wed, 07th Mar Acquisition of Extended Systems will see Palm supporting PocketPC, Symbian and other mobile platforms Palm plays it safe with wireless
Tue, 27th Feb Symbian, Microsoft and even Handspring may make much of the wireless handheld, but Palm will wait and see Palm begins shipping new PDA
Tue, 06th Mar Palm m105 comes with Internet connection kit and extra memory, but there is still no sign of Palm OS 4 HP may dump MS for Linux
Fri, 02nd Mar Hewlett-Packard mulls Linux or Palm OS for Jornada, announces a wireless handheld Colour screen and new battery for Palm m505
Fri, 23rd Feb Get new handheld in the Palm of your hand at CEBIT 2001 Wireless data trials include free Visorphone
Fri, 23rd Feb OmniSky's package simplifies mobile Internet access, but you still have to pay for airtime COMMENTARY
The SyncML standard will help software developers to make products to run on a variety of PDAs and systems. And Microsoft might soon back it, says Roger Howorth. How can you get access to information and entertainment from just about anywhere? Find out with ZDNet UK's Mobile Technology Special. Click here for more in-depth coverage at the ZDNet UK News Specials page.