Rutkowska launches Invisible Things Labs startup

Polish hacker Joanna Rutkowska has teamed up with reverse engineering expert Alexander Tereshkin to to launch a new security services startup called Invisible Things Labs.

Polish hacker Joanna Rutkowska has branched out on her own, launching a new security services startup called Invisible Things Labs.

Joanna Rutkowska

Rutkowska, an elite hacker who specializes in offensive rootkit research, said the new company will focus mainly on operating system security -- system compromises, stealth malware, anti-virus and HIPS product assessments, and OS hardening. 

She said a big part of company's business will be investigations of unusual incidents, including analysis of sophisticated targeted malware when there is a suspicion that a company's trade secrets are stolen

Rutkowska has teamed up former COSEINC Advanced Malware Labs researcher Alexander Tereshkin, aka 90210, in the formation of the new company.

Alexander Tereshkin

Tereshkin is a well-known reverse engineer and Windows kernel expert.  Like Rutkowska, he is skilled in rootkit technology and kernel exploitation.  

Invisible Things Labs will have a major presence at the Black Hat Briefings in Las Vegas later this year where Rutkowska and Tereshkin are scheduled to manage a training course on stealth malware. 

This course is focused on Windows systems (and Vista x64 specifically), although some of the concepts presented, like Blue Pill-like malware or methods for cheating hardware based memory acquisition, are OS-independent.

Rutkowska is promising a significant amount of previously unpublished techniques, code, and ideas during the two Black Hat courses.