​SA Education signs Civica to digitally transform 900 state schools

The state hopes its school tech overhaul will save educators' time and improve transparency for parents and caregivers.
Written by Asha Barbaschow, Contributor

The Department for Education South Australia has announced a digital transformation initiative it hopes will raise education standards across all government schools and preschools in the state.

Turning to Civica, the Department will be implementing the Civica Education Suite across 900 state schools, including preschools, primary schools, high schools, and various other educational institutions.

The Education Management software-as-a-service solution is expected to improve learning and care, improve analytics and reporting, and improve tools to support management of sites, with the department also hoping to have consistency in systems across sites to improve reliability, support, resourcing, and training.

According to department CIO Scott Bayliss, the SaaS offering will streamline school management tasks and allow teachers to provide individualised learning, as the software can track and report on each student's progress.

"It will help us to improve student outcomes and reduce the administrative burden placed on teachers and early childhood workers," he said.

The system will service around 185,000 students and 30,000 teachers and schools administrators, and parents and caregivers will also have access to it.

"Importantly parents and caregivers will have access to a dedicated and secure parent portal that they can log on to at any time and from any device to see information relevant to their child," Bayliss added.

"It will be an important enabler for school improvement and support our aspiration to become a world-class education system that ensures learning management is a priority."

The Civica Education Suite is cloud-hosted and 100 percent web-based, and according to the company was designed explicitly for Australian school management.

"As a 'person-centric' system, [Civica Education Suite] captures student progress right throughout their education journey, saving teachers' time on understanding specific education needs, and being better equipped to personalising their approach to student learning," the company said.

The education suite includes school administration, finance, teaching and learning tools, timetabling, library management, and parent engagement tools including a community portal.


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