Safari 5.0 extensions on parade

One of the major features of Safari 5.0 is extensions.
Written by David Morgenstern, Contributor

One of the major features of Safari 5.0 is extensions. Apple promised developers a Safari Extensions Gallery page on Apple.com and recently began accepting submissions. In the meantime, several sites are promoting the growing list of extensions available now.

One of the first promo sites is Jonas Wisser's Safari Extensions blog. He also provides a very user-friendly guide to enabling extension support.

Another site is SafariExtensions.org. In a worthy attempt to bring order to the world of extensions, the site tries to categorize them. However, there's an awful lot of Misc. in the list.

PimpMySafari.com offers a "pimpified" list of favorites.

The capabilities of the extensions are amazing. For example, Jérôme Gravel-Niquet this weekend released Ostrich, a sweet, free Twitter client that lives in Safari. It's a seamless experience: where- and whenever you're surfing, you have a button to link to that page.

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