SafeNet seals $20m anti-piracy deal

Fulfilling its 'safer media' strategy...

Fulfilling its 'safer media' strategy...

SafeNet has completed its $20m acquisition of New York-based media management and anti-piracy solution provider MediaSentry.

The deal is further evidence of SafeNet's continued focus on battling illegal content and the threat posed by mobile data as a matter of effective security. In March, SafeNet bought Dutch digital rights management firm DMDsecure for €7.5m.

Speaking prior to the completion of the deal, Tony Caputo, CEO of SafeNet, said his company was making good on its "intention to aggressively grow in the rights management business".

"Our focus in 2005 also includes the high growth arena of securing online delivery of entertainment content including music, movies, and games to consumer devices," he added, discussing the abilities MediaSentry's services will provide.

As with password management and greater workforce mobility the bad habits of media consuming staff are yet another behavioural weakness in many company's security strategy.

The more mobile the data - swapping from network to device and device to device - the more opportunity there is for contamination. Likewise there is also the threat to the company of those media files being in breach of copyright and exposing the company to the threat of legal action.

Such human factors consistently prove among the most difficult to secure due to the random and often unpredictable nature of human behaviour.