Salesforce launches skills graph to Trailhead, aims to revamp developer resumes

The aim is to better surface developer skills for folks with non-traditional backgrounds as well as the computer science graduate.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Salesforce is adding a skills graph that is hoping will better highlight developers on its Trailhead platform. The approach could reinvent or at least add to traditional resumes.

The company has been investing in its Trailhead platform and educational content to train developers. Salesforce can leverage its developer base and employees to drive sales and implementations.

Sarah Franklin, general manager of Trailhead at Salesforce, said the aim behind the skills graph is to highlight badges earned and the right person for a particular job.

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Franklin said traditional resumes highlight work experience and degrees as well as network, but "the reality is you're hiring people for jobs based on their skills and what they can do."


Salesforce's skills graph is a stab at eliminating the mismatch between what companies are looking for in developers and traditional job roles. Franklin added that Trailhead profiles can now capture nuances between expertise in Java vs. user experience vs. back-end automation. Perhaps that person would just have computer science listed on a traditional resume.

Trailhead is also adding vanity links to the mix so its developers can better surface their skills.

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