Samsung aims to crowdsource flexible display business models

Samsung is taking a shot at gamification for business models. Can Samsung build a flexible display ecosystem.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Samsung is aiming to crowdsource business models utilizing flexible display technologies.

Credit: CNET

The effort, called Samsung Create: Flexible Future Business Plan Competition, is basically a competition to get entrepreneurs creating startups around flexible display technologies.

Samsung is looking for business models that revolve around flexible displays as a core value proposition as well as "exceptional design, realistic hardware assumptions and a viable business plan." Samsung highlighted the flexible display potential at CES 2013

If I were to guess, Samsung is going to be hit with dozens---if not hundreds---of smart watch type models.

Samsung's panel of judges will award a $10,000 prize for first place, $5,000 for second place and $2,500 for third.

GE has held its Ecomagination contest with good success and Netflix has garnered innovation firepower via crowdsourcing and gamification. It's possible that Samsung may have to offer more reward though to see a pay off. After all, Samsung has the most to gain from any flexible display business model innovation and could offer more than $10,000 for first prize. 

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