Samsung insults potential customers with Galaxy S III teaser (video)

Samsung both inspires and insults in its latest teaser for its upcoming Galaxy S III.
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor

The things you buy aren't just things -- they're windows into your soul. Thats the message embedded in probably 90% of advertising today, including the latest plug for Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S III.

In a one-minute segment teasing the phone, Samsung goes full Hollywood, running images of various celestial bodies as a sweeping orchestral soundtrack beats below them. Vague and possibly mistranslated faux-meditative maxims float on screen: "Truly smart technology becomes a natural part of life," reads a line before it dissolves into the universe.

You get the idea.

The teaser is dull, but ultimately harmless -- that is, until it cuts to its last shot. In a clear (and perhaps by this point, trite) comparison of iPhone users to sheep (animals that can't even use cell phones, by the way), Samsung tries to appeal to its customers' sense of individuality, fine taste, and predilection for seamless intergalactic travel. The bit is useless and completely uninformative, not to mention insincere and logically unsound: Samsung would love if people were sheep for its products, after all.

But, then again, a teaser's prime focus is just to get people talking about it, which this one has certainly done. In that respect, as uninteresting as this latest one from Samsung is, it's hard to say it hasn't done its job.

As for the Galaxy S III itself, Samsung's recently-launched teaser site says some news on the Galaxy front is coming in about three hours or so.

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